Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Its all doom and gloom in the UK

Today its the government spending review, HMS Arc Royal has gone, so have our Jump Jets and the Severn Barrage. And the whole of the UK waits with baited breath, as for every 100 public sector jobs that go, so do 30 private sector jobs. So imagine for the moment you live in Swansea, where of a population of 160,000, 40,000 are in the public sector. So you've  got pretty good good odds of losing your income over the next 12 months, and, without moving away from Swansea, little hope of finding another role. Pretty dismal stuff.

So what would you do if you found yourself in this predicament?, well to begin feel sorry for yourself, moan and get attention for a maximum of 48 hrs, get it out of your system. Then start looking at you as a brand, what do you represent, what do your friends and colleagues think of you and what exactly do you want to be? By examining where you are now you can then begin to look at the things that need to happen to get you to where you want to be, and once you have a plan, you can begin to look forward to the future.