Friday, 29 October 2010

Sincerity is the best skill of all

I stumbled upon this today, a website put together by a young entrepreneur who is clearly passionate about what he does and the results he gets, What struck me was the simplicity of the message and the cohesiveness of the video, no multimillion pound production here, just good honest information backed up with solid, personal testimonials.


Which brings me on to sincerity. People often ask me about being a polished, perfect presenter, but the truth of it is that we are all human, and we all have flaws however minor they may be, and unless you have the luxury of a professional coach and brand guru, its ok to make the occasional mistake, as long as you recover correctly.


Being honest, open and sincere with gain enormous empathy with the audience who in turn will warm to you as they acknowledge that you are genuine and not a pre fabricated politician, so relax, enjoy your presentation, and be yourself.


Check out Mark