Saturday, 23 October 2010

storytelling in your presentations

Ever since the beginning of time, information and knowledge has been passed down through generations through the use of storytelling. So important was this task, that it was considered a profession, and one that took a lifetime of study to perfect. We all know the format once upon a time there was a problem, along came a solution and we all lived happily ever after, we know it so well because thats how we learnt to read from our parents and teachers and so, is a methodology that is ingrained in the very fabric that we are made of. But how can we use this in modern day presentations?

We all love a story, and we all love a story that ends happily. I've been spending the morning watching, where there are a fantastic collection of stories being told by highly acclaimed leaders in their respective fields. Many of the stories are personal stories, guided by pictures of people and places that really reinforce the essence of the subject and allow us, the audience to escape into a world full of colours, noises and smells to add to the whole experience of the presentation.

Take a look, grab some ideas, and try making your next presentation a little more personal.