Saturday, 30 July 2011

Overcoming Palpitations Caused By Pending Presentations

Many charismatic and commanding professionals are reduced to quivering wrecks when having to speak publicly to small or large audiences made up of people they either know or do not know.  Whatever shape or size their public platform takes, they are unable to switch their mindsets positively.  Their regular daily aptitude to speak cojently and confidently evades them. They feel isolated by their fears. They battle on, hoping against hope that the day will finally dawn when they do not transform in to the human equivalents of Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse whilst presenting.
In modern working environments, you don’t have to be a Senior Manager of an organisation to be asked to give a presentation.  On the contrary, it is not unusual to finding yourself being asked to present during job interviews, making it all the more imperative that you tackle the fears that you share with many people.  Your employment prospects can potentially hinge on your ability to deliver an engaging presentation – or not.  And if you are lucky enough to bag your dream job, chances are that that there will be much of the same to follow, both internally and externally.  You will be far from out of the woods, but you are not alone!
Resultantly and very understandably, many professionals at a variety of different levels call loudly for presentation skills training or coaching.  What the pros have learnt from experience and understand intrinsically is why people like you are stricken with terror when faced with presenting.  Whatever your own personal reasons might be, anyone’s and everyone’s reasons generally stem from a natural reluctance to sound silly.
This is a human universal that blights many people, whether during an informal chat with friends or in the workplace.  You might be loathe to venture your ideas and opinions in case others don’t agree with you or fail to value your contributions – so you keep them to yourself.  You are afraid of sounding stupid or showing yourself up as a charlatan who doesn’t know what they are talking about.  Keeping it zipped is preferential. 
You might admire those people who seem to ooze uber confidence and have inimitable knacks of always quipping in with dazzling one liners at just the right moments.  Remember that they are often faking and quaking, too, but have conquered their inhibitions.  Presentation training and coaching professionals know this and can share with you practical techniques to unlock your hidden potential, engage your audiences and move forward in all aspects of your life.
At Presentation Guru, we offer presentation skills training and coaching that goes far beyond the giving a humorous talk before sending you on your way.  Our twenty years of experience in the art of presentations has not only benefited FTSE 100 companies; our deep insight has challenged and influenced the training of trainers.  We do not claim to be the cheapest, yet we do pride ourselves in being market leaders.  Our time served methods and techniques constitute your very own box of tricks to banish your presentation butterflies and jettison your jitters.  

Editor notes
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