Friday, 25 March 2011

First impressions stick

I've just spent the day interviewing, and now I'm reflecting on what made one candidate stand out from the next. Aside from mannerisms, dress, and the way they spoke, it was what they had in front of them that made an impact. Two of the candidates brought in conference folders, one to show her portfolio (when prompted), but the second had a neat list of all the points she wanted to raise during the interview.
Why I noticed it was because the role needed meticulous administrative skills, and being organised was a key facet to the role, and this, like any other prop you may use as part of your presentation worked incredibly effectively at reinforcing the point that she was, indeed, well organised.
So, regardless of the type of presentation, sales presentations, interviews or workshops, people do notice the detail, and it may be the detail that differentiates you and the opposition, so think laterally next time you need to reinforce a point.