Thursday, 24 March 2011

The rules of using a whiteboard

I've found a new passion for my whiteboard again, forget slideshows, retro is back.

But there are some rules to obey when using our trust white steeds:


1. Only use 2 colours, black and red, or blue and red. Use red sparingly to highlight key points.

2. Have a maximum of 20 words per A4 sheet of paper

3. If you're right handed, stand to your left (as you are looking at the whiteboard) so you don't cover it up as you are writing, and left handers, do the opposite.

4. Draw lines in pencil to stop your writing sloping up, or down

5. Use a projector to project onto the paper during your preparation, trace outlines of complex pictures, or cartoons onto the paper. Only you will be able to see the pencil lines and your audience will be amazed when you quickly draw a perfect picture!


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