Monday, 4 April 2011

Vocal Coaching, how to use your voice more effectively

Ever wondered what professional speakers do before a speech? Here are some tips before you get in front of that podium.


1. Stand up straight, take a wider than normal stance. It sounds obvious but standing up will be helping your voice.
2. Place your feet underneath the hipbones. This position will help support your torso.
3. Drop your shoulders. Tension in your shoulders has a detrimental effect on your voice.
4. Keep your chin level with the floor. This will prevent you squashing your neck vertebrae.
5. Release tension in your body: Do something physical to ‘use up’ excess adrenalin.  This will help you sound calmer.
6. Push against a wall
7. Roll the shoulders – 4 x forwards  4 x backwards
8. Jog on the spot

Articulation Exercises: Very important if you want to improve the clarity of your voice

1.Massage the face and the jaw
2.Snarl! (good for releasing top lip tension)
3. Repeat ‘oooo….eeee’ about 5 or 6 times. Don’t rush, this will allow the lips muscles to stretch safely
4. Now read a piece of text (something from a book or perhaps a newspaper). Read it slowly and think about beginning and ending each word.