Sunday, 3 April 2011

Wedding speech tips

Everyone is going on about the Royal Wedding at the moment which brings me to my forthcoming wedding, and the implications of the speech.
Wedding speeches follow a separate set of rules, as the audience (in theory) don't care so much about your performance, or content, but want to hear your sincerity and of course, if you are the best man, some humour.
As a general rule, include the audience as much as possible, be as colourful and detailed as you can with the stories to include those in the audience who may not know you too well (partners of friends etc), be sincere, and be short, nobody likes people droning on about themselves, aim for 5-10 minutes max, and don't forget the toast!

Presentation training for your wedding speech can often help those suffering from huge nerves, but dont leave it to the last minute, start working towards your speech at least 4 weeks before the big event.