Monday, 21 January 2013

PowerPoint and Keynote training

Learn how to communicate effectively using slideshows.

We provide effective training in the use of Powerpoint and Keynote for all levels of usage.

We offer three levels of courses which can be combined with presentation training for a more effective outcome. The courses are:

Powerpoint Basic / Keynote Basic

  • Using Powerpoint / Keynote for the first time
  • Creating a new presentation from scratch
  • Manipulating slides and applying themes
  • Formatting and editing slides
  • Inserting objects and manipulating objects
  • Display and printing your slides


Powerpoint Intermediate / Keynote Intermediate

  • Creating photo albums
  • Inserting media clips and tables
  • Manipulating slideshows
  • Formatting and linking objects
  • Planning and design


Powerpoint Advanced / Keynote Advanced

  • Customising Powerpoint / Keynote
  • Using online resources
  • Distributing a presentation
  • Encryption and digital signatures
  • Publishing and handouts



All our Keynote and Powerpoint training courses are delivered in-house at your business premises, or, if you prefer an open course solution, please send us an email for availability.