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Present like Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs had a unique and personable presentation style that was frequently held in the highest regard by professional presenters. Modest to a tee, his uniform of black jumpers and denim jeans were his trademark, and unbecoming to the role he held as CEO of one of the largest companies in the world.

Jobs had a winning formula which you can learn to replicate which included:

1. Being humble. Never let your job title, role or wealth get the better of you, let the audience relate to you as a human being.Keep your manner and language simple, respect your audiences knowledge, experience and education, nobody likes smart arses or arrogant speakers.


2. Establish an emotional tie. Use stories and anecdotes to connect you with the presentation, explain the history and the people that were involved and what this means to you as an individual. By establishing an emotional link with your audience will allow them to see the problem from your standpoint.


3. Establish common ground or a common interest. Find an area that is shared between you and your audience, play on this common shared knowledge to gain trust, don't push your audience into a corner with offers or timescales, as most people react badly to threats, however innocent they are..

Win-win solutions are always better than demands.


4. Anticipate concerns. Heading off concerns as part of your presentation shows honesty and that you have considered the negative impacts of your proposal, people get hung up on small detail that is personal to them (NYMBY) so address it early on.


5. Keep it short. Jobs takes minutes to make his point, and then takes questions.

As Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, Be sincere. Be brief. Be seated.


6. Dont offer freebies to win approval. Jobs often gets asked to provide free services to win approval, and whilst he doesn't dismiss the requests, he answers them with a clear no and explains his thinking.


Our one day presentation course looks at the language and style of Jobs that made him such an accomplished speaker, through video case study analysis, delegates will learn:

  • How to structure a cohesive presentation
  • How to inspire and create awe
  • How to present difficult data in an enterprising fashion
  • How to create slides using the picture superiority effect

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