Monday, 21 January 2013

Storytelling in Business

Professional presenters like Jobs, Robinson or even past and present political speakers with vast amounts of public speaking experience are usually great story tellers. The earliest form of storytelling dates back thousands of years as a means to repeat historic tales, or as a means of conveying information. Modern day leaders can use this powerful tool to get difficult points across, engage the audience or even to allow the audience to slip into a light trance while they reflect and live the story in their own imagination.

Our Storytelling training course will teach you how to create compelling presentations by understanding:


  • Why use stories, and how they can aid modern day presenters
  • Why does a story differ from a presentation , and how to use it effectively
  • Segues , transitions and the rules of engagement
  • The storytelling lifecycle, how the story trance works, and what you have to do to earn it
  • Video case studies from modern day leaders, and how they play out their stories
  • Key components of a great story, examples and outline to follow
  • Language and PSE , using rhetorical techniques  to reinforce and magnify your stories
  • Keeping focused. Identifying the real heart of a story and making it relevant
  • Sequence and order, making your audience automatically follow your route to a shared conclusion  

Our Storytelling Courses  are designed for those who are already familiar with presenting and need to add new tools to their repertoire . This course is run on demand at clients premises. If you'd like to know more about our storytelling training course, please contact us for details.